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Moving Blog to Mind Bending Politics

January 27, 2015 Leave a comment

To my readers.  I will be moving off of digital policy exclusively, and I will be relaunching my Mind Bending Politics blog to follow more political and policy stuff, especially with the 2015 election gearing up.  You can sign up through e-mail to be subscribed to the new blog on the blogs homepage located:

I’ve also created a facebook page for the blog, located:

Twitter will remain the same.

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Official Statement from The Canadian Gamers Organization on CRTC’s Monetary Penalties

December 17, 2014 Leave a comment

Canadian Gamers Organization

The Canadian Gamers Organization (CGO) was instrumental in bringing to the CRTC evidence that Rogers Communications was going against net throttling rules back in 2011.  We called for back then, the ability for the CRTC to apply monetary penalties as a preemptive measure to ensure that our telecom providers follow CRTC regulations.

Yesterday with the passing of Bill C-43, the CRTC now has the ability to put forth monetary penalties on telecom providers.  While we are pleased to see this policy move forward, questions still remain as to how these will be implemented.  From CRTC Chair Jean-Pierre Blais’ statement (emphasis added):

Monetary penalties also give the CRTC greater flexibility to tailor its enforcement approach to each situation and to the facts before it. In some cases, a monetary penalty might be the right approach. We will be providing further guidance in the coming weeks on how and…

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