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My Top 5 Video’s of 2014

Here’s some videos that caught my eye in 2014:

5:  John Oliver’s talk on Net Neutrality.  Oliver’s talk on net neutrality ended up getting so many people writing into the FCC it crashed their website.  Canadians need to take note.  I’m predicting net neutrality will be one of the top issues addressed by the CRTC in 2015:


4. Toronto Skyline Porn is what its title implies — a full frontal visual journey through Toronto’s growing skyline. The scenes were shot over the past few years from different heights and in different seasons:


3. The return of Weird Al.  In 2014, Weird Al released a series of new songs.  One of my favorites was the parody he did on Lorde’s Royals entitled Foil:


2. Look Up: This spoken word video made net citizens pause and think in 2014:


1. A parody on how Rob Ford handled his “crack” scandal.  As a parent this made me think a lot about who we elect in each level of Government:


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