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Teksavvy Vs. Voltage Update #1 December 2014

Yesterday in continuation of a file sharing court case both Teksavvy and Voltage were back in court discussing Teksavvy’s costs it has racked up by complying with the courts request to disclose Teksavvy’s customers information to Voltage.

Total costs Teksavvy is asking for is $346,480.68.  CIPPIC has released documents submitted to the courts by both parties on costs here. I’m in the process of going through these numbers from Teksavvy myself, however it appears that Teksavvy is trying to justify costs to set up a new data retention and customer management system in some of it’s IT costs, in order to comply with the court order. Not sure why existing technology TSI had previously set up would be good enough for law enforcement requests prior to Voltage, and not good enough for the Courts in this case, and why a new system would be needed to manipulate data in basically the same way they are used to for law enforcement requests?

Senior Staff members were also billed out for “public relations” to handle the backlash that accompanied the company’s decision not to oppose Voltage’s motion for disclosure.  I wasn’t in the court room yesterday, however from a poster at DSLR who “appears to have been in attendance”:

Menno: I believe you are all quite off base with your interpretations of the Costing Motion. Most unfortunately, the Tek lawyer, Nick McHaffie was chastised and taken to task on multiple occasions for his billing practices and the highly inflated billing rendered by Tek to Voltage. The Voltage lawyers tore it apart, as expected, and seemed to gain the interest and support of the judge. So while it is not over till Madame Justice sings, I think you might as well recognize that the only trolls in this case appear actually to be the TekSavvy folks. Read closely, and before you make comments, make sure you are properly informed. The federal judge seems not too impressed with Tek’s attempt to double bill, direct billing against the rules ..perhaps the staff of Tek are incompetent but really ..do you think it takes $360K to reconcile 1,100 IP addresses? My. Something is way off with that company, glad I am not their customer.

We haven’t heard anything regarding what happened on Monday yet from David Ellis, Micheal Geist, or Openmedia all of which have been quick to come out with blogs of support for Teksavvy in previous hearings on this matter.  They have largely been silent so far. So while I take anything I read on DSLR or any web forum with a grain of salt, it appears things may not have gone well for Teksavvy in court yesterday.

I don’t see how the set up of new SQL and CRM systems can be justified as costs associated in complying with the courts request, since these systems are largely used for the day to day operations of a modern business the size of Teksavvy. The costs of the hardware for this new system, may have been spread out by inflating other costs from a first look at TSI’s expenses. The transcripts of the hearing should be due out soon.

To be continued…

UPDATE #2 Posted Here

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