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My Canadian Broadcast Standards Council Complaint on Media Consortium

I’m an independent blogger with post-secondary education in Broadcast News from one of CTV’s root schools.  I hold no political affiliation, nor do I belong to any lobby group, or work for/affiliated with any private or public interest group.

On October 8th, CTV broke a story regarding the use of news material in Conservatives attack ads on CTV National News.  On October the 9th, CTV and its affiliates throughout the day ran the follow up to the story, in which many experts disagreed with the original news story that Conservative Attack Ads are stealing content from news agencies. Michael Geist, Dwayne Winseck, Howard Knopf were all interviewed by CTV News Channel on October 9th. These people are a group of media/copyright law experts. During CTV National News, on October 9th, 2014 at approx. 10:08pm EST on CTV News Channel (syndicated throughout the nation at different times), CTV followed up on the story however did not run any opposing views to the narrative that using news content in political attack ads is stealing, to which under fair use provisions in law is not.  In fact the CTV National News Director opted for interviews that using news content for political ads under these circumstances is wrong, when the experts were on record all day in CTV’s newsrooms explaining that it wasn’t.  The news team at CTV National News had ample content canned with opposing views which the news director at CTV National News opted not to use.


Further documentation obtained through access to information reveals CTV executives (among others involved), concluded that under the fair use provisions of copyright law, using news content for the purposes of political advertising was not wrong under the law, yet CTV who broke the story choose a different narrative (See CTV National News Cast lead story on October 8th, 2014), all while knowing what the law stated around fair dealing, which was utterly misrepresented by CTV.


From what the experts have said, and from the documentation provided, CTV National News has intentionally mislead the public on a matter of policy and law due to what can only be described as self-interest from the CTV National news team.


This puts into question journalistic independence on public policy which the CBSC is responsible to investigate, among other agencies.   I would ask that in addition to CTV’s involvement, that the CBSC also follow up on the initial reporting from CBC, Global, Rogers affiliates on this story that aired between October 8th – 9th 2014.  Documentation provided through access to information of these stations executives and news anchors around fair use, paint a very different picture around what they knew of fair use, and what was reported.  Please follow up on this complaint, and provide a detailed investigation on this matter, and how the CBSC plans to rectify the matter within law.

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