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Rogers Admits to Trottling Netflix?

Yesterday Netflix released it’s ISP speed index.  Essentially these are speed tests to Netflix services to determine the speeds in which ISP’s are connecting to the service, which have an impact on the quality of video delivered to Netflix customers.  Rogers reached the lowest on the speed index.  In response Rogers has released the following statement (emphasis added):

“Netflix’s test was done just before we virtually doubled Netflix capacity and we’ll continue to add more capacity as it’s needed. These results only apply to customers’ specific Netflix connection and not overall internet speeds.”

This statement strongly suggests that Netflix connections are being specifically targeted and slowed down by Rogers, using the same technology that’s been used in the past to slow down file sharing applications in which the company in the past has publicly stated they don’t use anymore.  If this proves to be the case, than Rogers had an obligation under CRTC regulations prior to this admission to disclose the use of traffic management on Netflix specific applications, and hasn’t.

The return of connection throttling has always been a concern of mine.  The misuse of traffic management by ISPs needs to be fully addressed at the CRTC with the regulator doing regular audits to ensure compliance with disclosure policies.

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