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New Mind Bending Politics Blog

I would like to introduce to my readers my new political blog called: “Mind Bending Politics”.  When I was in school for journalism, I had one professor that everyone loved, that took me under his wing.  He was a great guy, and got me very much interested in current events and politics.  One of the things I remember my journalism prof said, is that politics is the “soap opera” of journalists. What came after that statement was one of ethics and responsibilities journalists hold within our democratic society to ensure accountability within government.  As a result of my education around journalism I watch maybe 3 Canadian political shows daily, and 4 news casts per night before I go to bed, and read a lot during the day thanks to my professor on getting me addicted to politics and current events.  I’ve been doing this since 1996.  I also used to cover local politics, and pretty much ran the newsroom in my college years.  I’m well informed as a result.

I’ve been politically active for a while now on twitter and on this blog regarding digital rights issues.  I’ve been a long standing advocate not just on digital rights issues, but on government policy, civil liberties and the need to bring more oversight and accountability in our bureaucracy, and within our elected officials and system of government as well. I’m hoping to move that forward as an independent political pundit with my new blog, and offer up commentary on issues I feel are important for Canadians to learn about to stay informed politically.

If you’ve enjoyed this blog, you will love my Mind Bending Politics blog.  I will be posting on that blog almost daily on issues and events.  I will still be posting on this blog regarding digital policy issues, but not as often as I have in the past.


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