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Ontario Privacy Chief Looses Passion for Privacy Oversight

Ontario’s Privacy Commissioner Anne Cavoukian over the past few months has been the most vocal and passionate speaker out of all in the privacy community surrounding mass surveillance and the NSA leaks. It appears some of that passion has dissolved.  Cavoukian is throwing her support around a new bill (C-551) introduced in Parliament by MP Wayne Easter, that would have the public believe that there actually will be oversight into Canadian spy practices. In Cavoukian’s own words:

“While the bill may not give committee members sufficient authority to peer behind the veil of secrecy surrounding national security powers and programs, I see Mr. Easter’s bill as a proposal worthy of consideration, debate and ultimately passing into law,”

How can you have public oversight on Canadian spy programs if committee members will not know how these programs work or are deployed?  This seems a very surprising move by Cavoukian to support such a bill after being one of the most vocal advocates for Canadians privacy over the past few months.

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