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Bell Canada’s Data Grab May Shift ISP Liability

Consumer privacy issues aside, there maybe something else brewing with respect to Bells consumer data grab that may attract some issues from the web’s content creators.  Recent news regarding Bell Canada collecting mass amounts of data to target advertising may end up destroying the companies neutral status in copyright law when it comes to content creators.  Injecting ads over online content (which as a web producer myself would want a cut off of that if they inject ads over my sites and would be entitled to it under law) may attract some unwanted attention from content creators to Bell.

Essentially if Bell Canada goes down this road of data grabbing off of consumers, it adds value to non-commercial downloads since they would essentially be tracking everything that comes through their pipes.  That would shift copyright liability to the ISP rather than the consumer.  So essentially everyone from web producers, amateurs, software developers, movie producers, musicians, photographers, and owners of crazy cats will have financial interests in the money Bell makes from “selling” consumers information off of copy protected works, because those works flow through the Bells pipes to consumers computers, and stats collected are being used to advertise over such content.  Making money off of copy protected works through advertising without consent and licensing from the creator constitutes commercial copyright infringement under law.  Bell would have to seek permission from the entire Internet in order for it to be relieved of such illegal activities, something that will be pretty much impossible to obtain.

With the privacy issues of profiling front and center in Bell’s move to profit off of its customers data, one could expect the webs content creators to also get involved, and if that happens, it would be very hard to see how Bell could make a dime off of this idea since 99.9% of that money would end up in creators hands by the end of it anyway if it were allowed to move forward.

To be continued…..

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