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Internet Experts Warning We’re Less Secure Without Online Privacy

On the heals of my Lack of Privacy Is A Matter Of National Security post a few weeks ago, there are new leaks this week suggesting that the NSA and the US have put pressure on tech and software companies to employ back doors to allow Government spooks in. Considering that most telecom providers in Canada have installed equipment from US hardware and software providers, one would figure the CRTC to be all over this, yet still not a peep!

It seems that logic has set in with most tech experts on this, albeit after the hand has been in the cookie jar for sometime.  In a recent Reuters article tech researcher Dan Kaminsky stated (relating to the lack of security on the user end as a result of these “back doors”):

“As much as I want to say this is a technology problem we can address, if the nation states decide security isn’t something we’re allowed to have, then we’re in trouble,”

No doubt. The logic here would suggest that these back doors can also be exploited by our cyber war adversaries way before Edward Snowden.  When you intentionally leave back doors open in the development process, they get exploited.  Again from my post a few weeks ago; privacy is security in tech development.  You can’t have one without the other.  Kaminsky goes on to say:

“If security is outlawed, only outlaws will have security.”

We’re also in a tremendous amount of trouble when the gate keepers of our personal information and Internet connections are all involved in this.  I find it extremely hard to believe that those in telecommunications don’t know what’s going on when those in the tech industries have known for years.  So far the calls to look at Canadian telecom have fallen mute.  Indie internet providers have also been extremely silent on this issue as well.  I find that very interesting on a lot of levels.

The NSA’s primary reason for building back doors into developed hardware and software is to lower the cost of surveillance.  Basically the internet security industry has been in a cyber arms race which still currently is in a stale mate.  This has been going on since the militarized version of the Internet came online in the 1960’s.  For every action taken on tech security, there is an equal and opposite reaction. That’s the very fabric of the Internets protocols built into the network on request by the US military during development of the network.

Costs to keep networks secure are a lot cheaper than it actually costs (from the looks at the NSA’s black budget) to circumvent that security on a mass scale while taking the bargain bin approach to circumvention through back doors.  If Governments and spies are having problems circumventing online communications to the point of requiring tech companies to put in back doors, than other sectors of the economy better be prepared for another major disruption in tech.  Big data to non-commercial copyright enforcement are pretty much going to be mute when all is said and done.

The ends of the NSA leaks are going to have a profound impact on our digital lives not just on our privacy but how we consume products/services and communicate to businesses online in the future.

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