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NSA Weekly Roundup August 23rd 2013

I’m going to start a weekly roundup of stories relating to the NSA and online surveillance globally for those interested.  A lot of stuff has been happening since May over these NSA leaks, so much so that every week something new happens, so starting this week I’ll try and break down the developments on a weekly basis so those interested can start to follow the online discussions. All links will be from accredited news sources.   I’m also a firm believer that truth and democracy always wins at the end of the day, and hopefully those reading this round up and many others to come will see democracy and truth in action!  I’ve been following this closely since May.  From what I’ve witnessed, on a slow day on twitter, there have been between 50 -100 tweets a minute (24 hours a day on the NSA stuff). Way more if breaking news is happening around the NSA.  It’s a huge story, much bigger than SOPA/PIPA. This very well could be our “Western Spring” we are beginning to see here.  Lots of information to cover so here’s your weekly NSA roundup:

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