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Canada’s Support of NSA Surveillance May Cost Canadian Jobs

Canadian support of the NSA’s surveillance program PRISM may end up costing jobs in IT and computing in Canada.  A recent report from The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation has projected that the recent NSA disclosures could end up costing the US between $21.5 – $35 billion over the next 3 years in cloud computing revenue. These are the first figures to study the impact of the NSA disclosures on the business community.

The report also sights a survey of non-US business respondents stating that 10% have already cancelled their US based cloud computing services due to the NSA disclosures, while 56% state they are less likely to use a US cloud computing service in the future. Among US-based business respondents, 36% have reported that since the NSA disclosures it has made it more difficult to do business outside of the US.

Should Canada continue with it’s support of PRISM,  it may end up costing Canadian businesses in reputation and revenue as a result as well.  This latest report proves that it’s not just consumers right now that are very uneasy around online privacy concerns, but a large and growing number in the business community are getting extremely concerned to the point of moving their business elsewhere.




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