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Teksavvy Could be Liable for Infringing on Consumers Privacy Rights PT.2

This is a follow up post to Teksavvy Could be Liable for Infringing on Consumers Privacy RightsI just wanted to let everyone know, that I seem to be restricted at the moment from responding on DSLReports, so the rest will go here. My analysis of the evidence that was brought out by CIPPIC’s cross-examination is here.  This post circulated through the entire telecom press core from the looks of the hits on that post and who re-tweeted it.  I got a large number of hits last week on that record breaking post.  I strongly suggest those technically minded look at it.  It’s so bad, almost laughable and Teksavvy Techs are the only ones here that can go for the juggler.

All of this has cost me a lot of friendships as a result of trying to bring this forward, and trying to get people listening to me, even after my points on this were solidified publicly in the debates.  After my preliminary analysis of the CIPPIC cross-examination went crazy, it was clear that I wasn’t the only one with questions.  I went several times to Steve Anderson from Openmedia about this only to get the cold shoulder, I went to Marc who I’m sure doesn’t care what I have to say after I tried for MONTHS spelling this out to him, to losing a close friend who kept me solid through all my previous investigations, that it was becoming apparent, that I had to come forward on my blog with the last post, for others to learn, move forward and make sure customers rights are considered. I shouldn’t have had to do this considering the company I was in at Openmedia. I took a very personal hit in all of this since the online debates, but now shrugged off since my thoughts are out there and people are starting to look at the situation objectively and with logic. I had no choice but to go ahead and post, the last post on this.

If Teksavvy wins on it’s current arguments (I think that will be luck more than anything else at this point),  Teksavvy get’s its way in not having to do any of the leg work they are supposed to do for it’s customers, than that’s passed on to the next ISP in the cross hairs of these trolls.  At some point along the line the technical side to the evidence has to be argued, and will be. It’s the law!

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