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Teksavvy vs Voltage: June 25th Court Date on Evidence

According to a post last week in DSLReports, a date has been set for the hearing in which evidence will be heard and presumably cross examined in the Teksavvy Vs. Voltage copyright case.  The judge looks to have allowed a one day hearing for the evidence.  However at the time of this post, Teksavvy has not officially confirmed this court date on it’s site where customers are supposed to get up to date and current information on the case.

Voltage pictures is trying to obtain the identities of P2P file sharers it says are customers Teksavvy. Teksavvy has thus far refused to step up to the plate directly to challenge the request.  The CIPPIC has intervened to protect the public interest in this case.  There has been much commentary on this blog regarding Teksavvy’s decision not to challenge the request.  Evidence brought forth to obtain identities of file sharers by Voltage pictures has been very spotty at best.  Presumably the CIPPIC will be challenging some of that evidence in June.

The June 25th court date will be an important one.  Not just for Teksavvy customers, and copyright policy dweebs like myself, but any decision on evidence will have a direct impact on a much wider scale.  How much evidence is needed to obtain a warrant for personal information in Canada?  What does Voltage plan on doing if they get that information?  Will the court stem abuse and copyright trolling in Canada?  Lots of questions, and June 25th may be a date to watch.

UPDATE: As of May 13th, Teksavvy has now confirmed the June 25th, 2013 court date.

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