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Stéphane Dion Using Copyright Complaint Stifle Criticism

Techdirt is reporting that former Liberal leader Stéphane Dion has launched a copyright complaint on a Conservative attack ad, to try and stifle criticism of the Liberal party.  The complaint Mr. Dion has put forth to the Commissioner of Canada Elections:

Recently, the CPC used footage owned by the Huffington Post and CTV in a television advertising campaign directed at the Liberal Party of Canada. These advertisements are being aired nationally, including in Labrador where a by-election is currently being held. I understand from media reports that the CPC is using this footage without the copyright holders’ permission and presumably without paying the copyright holders to license the material. I understand that the licensing of copyrighted materials ordinarily comes at a cost.

I am raising my concerns with you because the CPC’s unauthorized use of this material, while inconsistent with our country’s copyright laws, may also be non-compliant with the Canada Elections Act (the “Act”). In my view, the unpaid use of copyrighted material is a “non-monetary contribution” to the CPC, as defined in s.2(1) of the Act.

Not a very good idea since a lot of Teksavvy (pun intended) internet users are looking to see what direction copyright might take under Liberal leadership.  Using copyright for political trolling purposes, and attacking fair use provisions, is not a good start.  If Trudeau was smart he’d whip Dion back in line before the damage is done.  Also if Dion really wants to cry about something, it should be the “high school production” address to the nation a few years ago.  Liberal party owns the rights to that I would assume.  That did far more damage to the Liberal party than what the Conservatives drummed up against him.

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