US Copyright Conversation Changing?

In some of my 2013 copyright predictions posted earlier this year have outlined a change in global conversations around how digital copyright is being handled. A very positive, yet surprising admission has come over the past few weeks from US Register of Copyright Maria Pallante, stating that piracy should not include users downloading media:

Couple that with another admission from the producers of the most pirated TV series ever “Game of Thrones” that non-commercial infringement may actually be helping to increase sales, and you start to see a very interesting change slowly happening over non-commercial downloads.

Also over the past few days an interesting article has appeared on Torrent Freak from Rick Falkvinge reminding us Why It’s Important For Each Of Us To Explain And Keep Explaining The Net And Its Civil Liberties

So while the conversation in the US is starting to change, the conversation in Canada has largely revolved around our right to privacy and the roles and responsibilities Internet providers have especially around a conversation about digital copyright law that is evolving. While some web commentators would rather direct our attention to lowering prices on outdated technology as a diversion of actual harm the copyright conversations has had on Internet providers, I would rather see a more proactive response especially from Internet providers like Teksavvy who champion internet freedom as a business model towards more important cause of civil liberties during a time of economic transition!  Change can not happen by those cowarding behind walls afraid of being labelled as supporting pirates, when eventually non-commercial infringement may end up being legal by our economic allies.

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