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New EU ACTA Fears in CETA and TAFTA

Renewed fears around ACTA’s intellectual property enforcement provisions have been put directly on a new trade agreement between the US and EU called the Trans Atlantic Free Trade Agreement [TAFTA], and also what this will mean for Canada’s trade agreement with the EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement [CETA].  Apparently ACTA, TAFTA, and CETA keep being lumped together by EU media (time index 3:17 in the below video):

It also seems that Canadians have been used (yes used) by the EU to get the attention of the US for a free trade agreement with the Americans. Quoted from a recent DV article:

Overshadowed by the proposed U.S.-EU trade deal is ongoing Canada-EU negotiations on a Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). Despite talks being in their final stages, both sides still have some important gaps to be bridged before a deal can be reached. Thomas Walkom of the Toronto Star acknowledged that, “Europe’s real interest in negotiating a trade deal with Ottawa was to demonstrate to the Americans that a trans-Atlantic free trade pact was possible.” He noted, “EU negotiators will be even more reluctant to make concessions to Canada for fear of weakening their bargaining hand with the Americans.” Walkom argued that, “Canada is under more pressure to make a deal while Europe is under less.” He concluded that. “A Canada-EU deal seems inevitable. But now, with America in the mix, the terms for Canada may be even less favorable than expected.” The Globe and Mail recently reported that the EU is demanding additional concessions from Canada before any agreement can be signed. In order to wrap things up, a desperate Canada may be willing to give up even more.

It’ll be interesting to see what CETA turns into as a result of US involvement, and if any ACTA IP provisions pop up their ugly head again, what the reaction in the EU is going to be now that our big brother is involved.


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