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Economic Upheaval About to Occur Due To Digital Revolution

Many of us tech analysts have seen this on the horizon now for a very long time. The first industry to really be effected by the digital revolution has been the media industry.  Now the digital revolution is about to take hold in a much broader swath of the global economy.  The debates on copyright are just the beginning, but do bring some important understanding on what’s about to take place on a broader scale.

Tech Crunch has posted an excellent article, on how the next few decades are going to be met with major resistance as the old dies out, and new industries are born.  This presents a very big problem for those currently studying in respected disciplines in college or university in Canada, since post secondary eduction is not offering even a glimmer of that change to our current work force. As a result of not being prepared for this, many just graduating can get ready to lose their jobs, possibly making youth unemployment even worse than it is.

It’s also very important to question and challenge old ideology around rules that have governed us in the past. As the Tech Crunch article put it:

If left-versus-right is the only lens through which you can view the world, then you really need to start thinking outside the box in which you have jailed yourself. Because everything will soon be changing, faster and faster, and I assure you that the future will be weirder than we imagine now–and you’ll need a flexible mind if you hope to prosper and thrive.

We need to foster out of the box thinking within regulation, and within industry and education in order to I think compete or even have a hope of staying ahead of this paradigm shift.  For us in tech, it’s a very exciting time, met by frustration over old rules and ways of thinking.  In my world, it’s the users of tech that drives change in market and business adaptivity. Staying ahead of what users are doing can make the future somewhat predictable. Going forward we need some mechanism in place in our regulatory system to ensure that users can have their say, and that balanced rules without penalizing users for the general use of this technology are present.  As a developer in tech, user feedback is gold to adaptation, and innovation. We need to open up our regulatory system to ensure our laws remain relevant, and not be focused on only a few voices of reason.

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