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BlackBerry Changes Stance on Privacy

In a very bold move today, BlackBerry has decided to change it’s stance on privacy, hoping that the rest of the mobile sector follows suit.  BlackBerry is now putting into place a system which notifies users through it’s privacy notification service to try and stem invasive apps from setting up shop on the platforms stores.  It also has severed at least one developer (DEV Engineer) with a notice and booted one of it’s apps from the store.

BlackBerry believes the privacy notification service  “gives power back to the user to protect important information” and believes it will help educate it’s users on their privacy and what information is vulnerable.

This move comes virtually days after the Canadian Chamber of Commerce has made it’s intentions clear they want to legalize spyware and rootkits, something that in 2009 the copyright lobby fought for as a means of copyright enforcement.  The EU government in recent days has made it clear they are thinking about bringing in heavy regulations to help protect it’s citizens privacy in tech. So while some believe we must turn our attention away from the privacy debate, it’s nice to know that at least one Canadian company is willing to go to bat for consumers. I think many will follow in the days, months and years to come, especially those who want to do any business with the EU.

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