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EU MEP Agrees with Privacy on The Broadband Internet

Last week I raised concerns with respect to how secure the Black Berry platform is, due to what is seemingly a lack of privacy from app developers.  The week prior I responded to David Ellis’s piece with respect to how important it is right now for Canadians and Canadian businesses to think about our online privacy.

Apparently Ellis was right about one thing.  His sentiment hasn’t won much sympathy, especially with EU law makers. EU MEP Marietje Schaake (rapporteur on the Digital Freedom Strategy in EU Foreign Policy), seems to agree that many corporate and private interests do not have users privacy in mind when developing digital services and apps.  MEP Schaake is seeking to change that within law in the EU which may include possible regulation in the EU telecom and private sectors to ensure privacy rights of EU citizens are respected:

The EU seems to be on the right track with digital policy issues, and questions need to be posed on those here in Canada as to why all of a sudden we need not keep privacy at the forefront of the debate, and rather take positions of support for our telecom industry?  If MEP’s are seriously taking these issues to task, then the Canadian public needs to start to question our Government as to why we are not following suit with the same discussions, especially in light of the current telecom players not actively and directly ensuring requests for subscriber information are within legal merit?

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