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Blackberry 10 Launch Raises Major Platform Security Concerns

Today Blackberry launched it’s new product line of smart phones. In it’s presentation Blackberry showcased 3 major apps that will be available on the platform, which include Angry Birds, Skype, and WhatsApp.  WhatsApp is a popular app that allows users to free text to friends via the net, and has been under direct investigation by the Canadian and Dutch governments.  The reason; WhatsApp requires the user to upload their phones entire address book to use the application, leaving even non-users of the application exposed which is against privacy laws in both countries.

This could be a signal by Blackberry that it intents to leave any privacy and security issues to the app developers, and will not be checking developers to ensure users data remains secure.  That could present a big issue for the platform in which has been viewed as one of the most secure in the world, and also used by many governments around the world including in Canada. I’m not exactly overly patriotic on this new product line as a result.  I don’t seem to be only one. Blackberry on launch day expected a bump from the worldwide launch of the Blackberry 10, instead shares got pounded today, in which the company lost 12% of it’s value.


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