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Final Thoughts on The Teksavvy Privacy Debate

There’s been a lot of debate surrounding why Teksavvy is not sticking up for it’s consumers within law, and fulfilling it’s obligation to do so.  I still fully agree with Knopf’s view on this subject, and Winseck’s views.

Others are putting forth arguments on Teksavvy doing more than any ISP ever has. That point doesn’t matter in a court of law, and with respect to it’s legal responsibilities. It’s not a valid point nor a defense. They have legal responsibilities, that’s it case closed.

As a business if Teksavvy doesn’t “eventually” and directly stick up for it’s customers here, it’s finished. Because of the debates surrounding the privacy issue,  there would be such a backlash that Teksavvy wouldn’t be able to survive for much longer if they didn’t stick up for it’s customers. That would send a strong message to the other ISPs. Why do you think I got this debate started? It’s consumers insurance policy.

Marc is a very smart guy with a lot of smart friends.  I have a hard time believing that he doesn’t know this. So let’s give him the benefit of doubt here, and allow this to evolve.   I do however think that in light of interesting discussions, it gives us time to get some “helpful” and accurate information to the public, and prove that the blogosphere can be a place for useful, civil debate and finding good information going forward.

I know I have contributed to the non-helpful comments in this debate.  A lot of this is because what I have seen happen here is so wrong with respect to how consumers are getting the butt end of the legal system, and I’m still learning myself what’s actually transpired. I’m eagar to help and make my own contribution. I’m not a lawyer, but I am a good business person when I’m allowed to be, especially within the media industry. I understand that industry very well as a result of my aspirations to get into business in that area.  I’m also a trained media professional.

I think a very good discussion needs to be present, on what happens if Teksavvy doesn’t support it’s customers on it’s privacy responsibilities. What’s next, how can consumers respond legally to this, and what happens all of this goes to trial.  I’ve learned some helpful information from my unhelpful comments around the issues with statutory damage awards. Maybe the legal experts could draw up some posts on the current situation around that. Apparently there seems to be some problems with these awards going forward.  That may need some economic arguments to accompany those, and I’m working on that.

I’ve just started displaying some of my observations I’ve had as a business person in the music industry which include some proven and accepted uses of commercial copyright infringement within industry itself.  Over the next week, I’ll have 2 more posts on my observations,  and the last post will provide the economic data to support my observations. There has been an excess of copyright for many years, and the applied economics within law of what’s taking place is way more important in my view than if Teksavvy is right or wrong in this debate right now in it’s decision moving forward.

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