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Teksavvy Appears to Have Failed to Address Privacy Responsibilities In Today’s Hearing

While watching 3 twitter feeds today it appeared as though Teksavvy did directly challenge some of Voltages evidence, or signaled it’s intention to do so.  I even tweeted with respect to that.  Todays media reports paint a completely different picture. While I was not in the court room, it seems the calls that Teksavvy has come out from hiding behind rocks and sticking up for customers may be a bit premature.  I don’t think in today’s hearing they have completely satisfied their responsibility in that regard.  The CIPPIC has been granted intervention status, but that should not absolve Teksavvy’s legal responsibilities to its customers under privacy law, and in order for anything that’s done by the CIPPIC moving forward to stick in other cases, Teksavvy must get involved in directly challenging the evidence.  If a precedent is set by the CIPPIC, and ISPs are still hiding under rocks, it’s not going to be used going forward. I’ll explain in my forthcoming comments.

I’m going to be taking a few days off on blogging on this to watch, read and learn.  I’ve sparked off a bit of national debate on the subject, due to the legal arguments being used and my issues with them.  Clear information going forward is what consumers are entitled too.  There’s a lot to digest including some very important points for the future of digital policy going forward.

I’m also currently editing my podcast due up on Wednesday on a completely different and fun topic, last weeks Consumer Electronic Show. Once that’s done I’ll have some time to write a bit more on this, and by then I’ll have a clearer picture on what transpired in the court room today.

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