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Tekavvy Vs. Voltage and Effects on Political Discourse

The decision with respect to Teksavvy not to oppose the request for subscriber information could have some severe impacts on our democratic system. For instance, someone creates a youtube mashup, expressing his or her right to free speech under the new mash up provisions of the copyright act. If a copyright owner doesn’t like the video, it still very much could be turned into a civil lawsuit. Now take into effect a world where no oversight is seen on copyright infringement allegations.  Teksavvy or any ISPs doesn’t stand directly up for your privacy rights and  just leave a request for subscriber information unchallenged. That could change the course of democratic values, especially if it’s government not Voltage requesting that information. Now think of the implications of this in our democratic system when dealing with a protest video like the one below:

Or even this video:

The responsibility to fight for our democracy and civil rights is something I seem to have been born with as a post boomer, and should be the responsibility of society including the private sector considering what the boomer generation (which is now in a position of power) stood for. Those that are true to those times should know better:

My father had a chance encounter with Lennon. Something that effected his life at the time, and the values that Lennon stood for, very much became values I grew up with. “Imagine” what Lennon would think about the copyright debate today, and how consumers are being treated in all of this? If only he had survived and lived to today, I think the world would be a much different place, especially around digital policy.


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