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How to Avoid Another Rogers DNS Outage

Ever since I signed on to Rogers in 2007, I’ve never used their DNS servers.  They have for the most part been extremely unreliable and slow. All DNS servers do is pretty much point you to sites on the net. Think of these servers as sort of the cabbies of the internet.  When you type a web address, a DNS server basically maps out a route and connects you to your destination website or server.  It’s not necessary to your internet connection use your ISPs own DNS servers. You can use any DNS server you want.

OpenDNS is an excellent alternative service. I’ve used this service for over 6 years, with no problems or outages.  I was also not affected by last night’s outage. If anything, this latest DNS outage should serve to notify Rogers customers that their DNS service is still very much unreliable, and the proper investment has not been made to their services to ensure reliability.

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