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Digital Policy Now in the Hands of ISPs?

Two very interesting stories have crossed my path today.  First, it appears that US lawmakers won’t go near any copyright legislation in fear of yet another SOPA/PIPA protest.  They don’t want a repeat of that situation, opting instead for private industry to come up with “voluntary” codes of conduct. The second is a warning from tech journalist Peter Nowak to Canadians on Internet dominance in the US, with no political will from US lawmakers to get involved and change that.

Comcast is currently the dominant ISP in the US. This leaves one company potentially making decisions around public policy, with no public interest represented.  Us Canadians seem to know very well from recent news on throttling and copyright allegations, when ISPs get cornered on public interest issues, they have a tendency to run for the exit and turn to a direction that is more self-serving, rather than sticking up and fighting for the public interest and customer rights. Something to keep an eye on in the near future up here in the great white north.

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