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Black Ops 2 Controversy Demonstrates Failure of DRM

Last week one of the years most anticipated games was released which was Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Those gamers that pre-ordered the game received a pre-order bonus multiplayer content, which was pulled from the multiplayer portion of the game not even a week after launch.  The developer Treyarch stated that it would be only available on “special occasions.”

The industry lobby has pushed for over the top protections for digital rights management systems, claiming they need protection from copyright thieves and hackers. However, the industry has admitted several times that games continue to get hacked (and sometimes can’t be fixed), and some even Canadian publishers are blaming drops in sales due to significant online sharing of games. All of this when for years DRM has been installed on games, and Governments have put through significant protections around digital locks.

No my friends, the DRM war on consumers isn’t about copyright protection, as Activision has demonstrated, it’s a plausible value chain to be exploited. This one just so happened to back fire, however consumers and businesses that use enterprise software should take note on this latest case, because more of this “annulling” of features from software products purchased to get you to buy in first, is a real and present situation that is emerging in the software development community that could cost Canadian businesses a significant amount of money. I’ve discussed DRM with software expert Russel McOrmond a few months back in an interview.

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