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Microsoft Surface Tablet: Sink or Swim?

Microsoft yesterday released its attempt to compete in the tablet market. This has come to no surprise to those following Windows 8 developments, which is clearly an operating system built around touch and tablet like feel. This will be the second attempt for Microsoft in entering the hardware market. The first was with the XBOX gaming system.

The Microsoft Surface tablet will be a hybrid laptop. It can be detached from its keyboard and used as a tablet, or remarried to the keyboard to give that laptop feel. The screen is 10 inches big. You’ll be able to run any windows application on the tablet, which makes it very interoperable and transferable from what people are using today.

I’ve been following developments in the tablet market for some time, and for a while now I’ve been wanting to see a tablet like this. The tablet market has been booming due to tweaks in the android operating system over the past few years, making android tablets a direct competitor to Apple’s IPAD.

The only drawback and caution I have with Microsoft hardware is that the XBOX 360 (while extremely popular) has had significant hardware issues on release, and to this day they still have problems. The windows operating system is traditionally a bumpy ride for technical issues and on the user end, not all that secure, unless you have a good tech sitting beside you with access and understanding to administrative settings in the OS. Usually security in Windows has to be manually inputted through admin settings (not set by default) and/or 3rd party applications installed. Even the latest Windows Media Player has problems playing HD formats and codecs.

Most of the tablets out today are not plagued with hardware and software issues. The Android OS took a few years to work the tweaks out before it became more responsive to user commands (but had the time to correct a lot of that), and the IPAD is rock solid. There’s going to be very little wiggle room for error in Windows 8 and the Surface tablet in a hugely competitive market. The quality of the Surface’s operating system, and hardware will determine whether Microsoft will sink or swim in the tablet market. A lot of developers who have beta tested Windows 8 I know are not that happy with it, and think it’s going to be quite the learning curb for traditional Windows users.

While I very much hope that Microsoft can hold the line in the tablet market and become a serious competitor to Android and Apple devices,  I will not be lining up to get this tablet.

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