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Cisco Set to Increase Existing Network Traffic Capacity

Cisco, the worlds largest vendor of buggy deep packet inspection (DPI) equipment has now introduced a new technology called IP multiplexing, and it is being deployed on satellite data links as we speak.  The technology will most likely move its way to more earthly based applications in the near future, creating increased network capacity eventually over DSL and Cable internet networks. According to Cisco Solutions Product Manager Ken Kauffmann, this muxing link optimization feature can deliver up to a 20 to 1 increase in VOIP calls over satellite. It sounds promising, but considering the problems with Cisco’s DPI and most likely a rush to get this technology to market on a grander scale, there will be noticeable problems with it.

Both Bell and Rogers have recently stated they will be phasing out the throttling of internet traffic using DPI as of March 2012 with a complete phase out by December 2012.  So far there have been no reports within the Bell and Rogers coverage area from consumers that the phase out has begun.  Rogers is still under investigation for illegally throttling web traffic blamed on a bug on Cisco’s end, however the CRTC has asked Rogers to provide a plan to the phase out of throttling, which has yet to be made public.   It is unclear on whether IP multiplexing will be used by Bell or Rogers as part of this phase out and increased network capacity both ISPs have committed to.

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