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Fast Encoding for MKV Files: MKV2VOB

One of my most popular posts on my blog thus far is a guide I wrote on using MeGUI to convert mkv files to PS3 and XBOX format.  There’s a much quicker an easier way to do this for the novice user.  The program is called mkv2vob, and the video and audio quality seem to be comparable to the MeGui.  One of my tweeps (Gordon Little) has helped me through the process, providing comparison pics between MeGUI and mkv2vob.  Video quality is virtually identical.

Mkv2vob takes about one minute to convert the mkv file to an mpeg file that is playable on both PS3 and XBOX. It’s a pretty cool little program, but is fairly limited as far as conversion options are concerned compared to MeGUI.  However if you are the type to not dive into the nitty-gritty details of conversion options and just want files converted quickly with comparable results to MeGUI, than this program is for you.

You can download the newest version of mkv2vob here.  Mkv2vob is also open source software, and freeware.  It has been tested on my system and contains no spyware or malware.

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