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Google’s Augmented Reality And Video Games

I’ve been following augmented reality for a few years.  What got me interested in this technology was a video that Bill Gates appeared on giving a talk a bunch of University students on the future of gaming and the XBOX.  Basically video game graphics technology is maxed out.  Consumers won’t see that much difference in the graphics for the next generation of consoles coming out in 2013.  There will be slight differences, but not like the last jump in graphics like between the PS2 and PS3.  Gates stated that because of this, you’re going to start seeing a more interactive approach to try to bring your video game experience closer to you.  A few months later Microsoft released Kinect for xbox 360.  If we are to follow this trend than the next evolution in gaming technology could very well be augmented reality.

Google last week released a video on its latest research and development project into augmented reality.

Wired report released an excellent and critical look at the problems augmented reality faces.  In the article Blair MacIntyre, Director of the Augmented Environments Lab at Georgia Tech, stated:

You could not do AR with a display like this. The small field of view, and placement off to the side, would result in an experience where the content is rarely on the display and hard to discover and interact with. But it’s a fine size and structure for a small head-up display.

The problem most researching this technology are facing with wearable glasses like this, is that the human eye can’t focus very well on objects within a few centimeters in front of them.  The best way to demonstrate this is to place your nose on your computer screen and try to focus on one word with both eyes open.  After you do that you’ll understand what researchers are trying to overcome.

Could Google be holding the key to a very perplexing problem?  Google declined to comment any further, so we are left to speculate.

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