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PS3 Call of Duty Servers Hacked?

This past weekend XBOX Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 players experienced and extended outage, as many could not connect to the online multiplayer aspect of the game. Several developments have happened since then. Robert Bowling (creative strategist and the public face of the franchise) abruptly left his position this week. No notice of resignation was given leaving many to speculate why he left. Tomsguide (a trusted source in IT information) has put out an article that strongly suggests that Bowling was in fact fired over comments he made towards hackers of the XBOX version of Modern Warfare 3, and subsequent attacks this past weekend that followed those comments.

At about the same time the XBOX was having its problems over the weekend, PS3 users have experienced connectivity problems with all Call of Duty Servers. Many are reporting that they can’t even log into the servers, and are getting a message stating that the servers are offline and not available. Over the past few days I personally have experienced problems connecting to MW3 and Blackops. I called Activision this afternoon and they have provided this written response:

Thank you for contacting Activision customer support, I am sorry that you are having trouble connecting online to Black Ops on Playstation 3. We are currently aware of this issues right now and are looking into it.

Activision needs to come clean to players on exactly what is going on, and if any, what consumer information has been compromised by such attacks.  This information is required to be disclosed under US and Canadian Federal Laws.

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