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Possible Problems with Rogers and Activision Again

I wrote a post earlier about how the PS3 Call of Duty servers maybe hacked. XBOX Call of Duty servers were shut down over the weekend due to the game being hacked.   This may turn out not to be the case with the PS3 however after digging around a bit more. I’ve done a lot of calling around, and chatting with a gamers to find out exactly what the problem might be and if there’s any way the Canadian Gamers Organization can help resolve connection issues gamers are experiencing with the PS3 version Call of Duty.

I’ve placed 2 calls into Activision today.  Activision is stating that they have been flooded with calls from Rogers customers who use the PS3.  Activision said that a lot of Call of Duty traffic coming from Rogers is not reaching their servers.  Activision told me and confirmed that both Rogers and Activision are working together on this issue, and they are hoping to get it resolved soon.  As many of you will remember it took close to a year to resolve a Rogers related issue on World of Warcraft with Activision fully co-operating, and Rogers ignoring the problem.  This lead to our CRTC complaint, in which Rogers gave up throttling, and the CRTC is still investigating, and finding non-compliance with net neutrality policy.

Last month Rogers was ordered to change its throttling systems immediately.  The CRTC presented Rogers with evidence suggesting that a TCP traffic was being throttled when a popular P2P application was present.  This is not what is happening now.  The connection problems are consistent without P2P applications running.

I than called Rogers. Rogers stated that they have received several calls in from customers on connectivity problems with the PS3 version of Call of Duty.  The matter has been forwarded off several times to the network technicians who are looking at the problem.  Other CGO members did not get very far with Rogers front line techs.  Some CGO members were told Rogers has nothing to do with MW3 and it’s Activision’s problem.  I’ve sent a letter to Ken Engelhardt, senior vice-president of regulatory issues for Rogers (who we are already in contact with through our CRTC complaint) requesting more information, to keep me updated, and also that we didn’t want another World of Warcraft situation. I don’t think Rogers does either.

One thing that we are closely keeping an eye on is cooperation between Rogers and Activision to resolve this issue in a timely manner. We are in the process of now waiting to hear back from both Activision and Rogers on this issue. This cooperation is necessary in order to service gamers, who Rogers calls their “best customers”.  New PS3 Modern Warfare Elite Premium content is hitting the PS3 Thursday, with a lot of Rogers customers not being able to connect to the game through the PS3.  We will continue to update our blog on Openmedia with any new information that comes available.  That address is: http://openmedia.ca/gamers

Jason Koblovsky
Canadian Gamers Organization

  1. Shervin
    March 29, 2012 at 10:34 AM

    Thank you for the update. I live in Aurora, Ontario and my ISP is Rogers. I also can’t connect to Black Ops or MW3 multiplayer. Please keep us informed and thanks again for gathering all this info.

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