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Digital Locks a Bust for Gaming Industry

One of the main selling points to Canadian politicians and Canadian gamers by the gaming industry, is that digital locks on games are not just needed for piracy, but to protect the gaming environment from cheating.

Canadian gaming consumers purchasing older Call of Duty releases such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1+2 , Call of Duty: World at War may find that the online environments are now unplayable due to game hacks. Robert Bowling of Infinity Ward recently stated that these games will NOT be fixed, and security basically has to be hard-coded into the game like Modern Warfare 3.  Bowling tweeted on Tuesday in response to a gamers question on if a security patch is forthcoming for Call of duty Modern Warfare 1 and World at War:

“@ProSyndicate COD4 patch would do nothing, the hackers would simply bypass the update. Security needs to be built in from start (like MW3).”

So how exactly are digital locks going to be enforced, if hackers are bypassing DRM updates? Interesting question for curious minds.

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