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mkv files to PS3 and XBOX Format Part 3

How to demux, convert and merg to a playable MP4 file for XBOX and PS3

This is a continuation post from: mkv files to PS3 and XBOX Format Part 1, and Part 2

1) Run the MKVExtractGUI2 shortcut we created in step 18 of the installation in Part 1.

2) Click on the “…” beside the “Input File” field and browse to your .mkv file

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3) I’ve set up a test .mkv file. If you notice the audio has 6 channels (I have a 5.1 surround system hooked up to my PS3, so I’m going to need to use the 5 channel downsample audio preset we made in Part 2 once I extract the audio and and video):

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4. Check on both the Video (track 1) and Audio (track 2). If the mkv file has subtitles attached put a check on them as well. Click on extract (the extracted files will be automatically thrown into the same folder as the mkv file is located).

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5. Once succsefully extracted you’ll se an “Extract OK” message at the bottom of the window. Close down the MKVExtractGUI2 application and run the short cut for the MeGui we created in step 10 of the installation.

6. Under the audio tab, click on the “…” to browse to the folder where you extracted the mkv file from step 4 above.

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7. You should see 3 files in the folder. One being the mkv file, one being the H.264 video file, and the other being the AC3 audio file. Double Click on the AC3 audio file:

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8) The presets we’ve made are now in the dropbox beside the encoder settings. Because I have a 5.1 surround system I want to select “ero AAC: 5 Channel Downsample” from the drop down box:

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9. Click on the Queue button:

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10: Once the Queue button is pressed another window will pop up, and start processing and converting the AC3 audio to AAC format.  You can set the conversion type to low, below normal and so on.  I usually set it to below normal:

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11.  Once conversion is complete.  Select the Queue tab (not button) to display the outcome of the conversion.  Sometimes errors can occur if the audio in the mkv file was not properly recorded or encoded.  A status of “done” means conversion was successful.

Click to enlarge

12.  The next and final step is to merge the converted audio with the H.264 video file to a brand new MP4 file that the PS3 and XBOX can read. Click on the tools menu of MeGui, select muxer, than select MP4 muxer:

Click to enlarge

13. Click on the “…” beside the “Video Input” field to browse to your H.264 video

14. Click on the “…” beside the “Audio Input” to browse to your converted MP4 audio file.  From here, your screen should look like this:

Click to enlarge

15.  If you’ve extracted subtitles for from the mkv, click on the “…” beside the subtitle input

16.  The output settings are self explanatory.  You can click on the “…” beside the Muxed Output file path to change the file name and location in which it will be saved to.

17.  You can also split the files.  I know that the PS3 has trouble with MP4 files bigger than 4 gigs.  The size of the file won’t change very much from the size it was when it was an mkv file.  So if the original mkv file is bigger than 4 gigs, I usually split the MP4 file to 3.5 gigs.  You can do this by selecting custom size from the “Splitting” drop down box.

18.  When read hit the Queue button.  It usually takes upwards of about 5 – 6 minutes for this process to complete on about a 1 gig video file.  Once this step is completed you now have a compatible MP4 video file to play on your PS3 and XBOX.

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