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Mkv Files to PS3 and XBOX Format Part 1

This is a step by step guide on everything you need to know on how to convert .mkv x264 files to an MP4 file that both the PS3 and XBOX can read. These are instructions for Windows operating system, and only work on .mkv files that are in HD, not the smaller standard definition mkv files. This is a huge post so I’ve had to split it up into 3 parts. The first part in this post will deal with downloading and installing the files needed. Part 2 focuses on configuration and presets of the nero AAC codec, and Part 3 focuses on how to demux, convert audio and merg to a readable MP4 file for the PS3 and XBOX.

The quickest and most efficient way to do this without suffering video quality loss is called “demuxing”. I’m about to explain how to separate both video and audio from an mkv file into separate files. I’ll also explain how to convert the AC3 audio (which most mkv files use) to AAC format which both XBOX and PS3 use. Almost all mkv files are encoded using h.264 video which seems to be the standard for this file type and for HD files, meaning that no video conversion is necessary.  The PS3 and XBOX will read h.264 video in MP4 format.  I’ll then explain how to merge the converted AAC audio and separated h.264 video into an MP4 format which is readable on your PS3 or XBOX. The MP4 file this guide will teach you how to create should work on most popular devices as well.  Most devices that support true HD MP4 files support x264 video, and AAC audio.  It’s almost a standard HD file type now.

This does require a bit of initial set up (approximately 20 minutes or so for intermediate users), but once set up is complete, this is by far the best and fastest way to make these files compatible with your PS3 and XBOX. Total conversion time is approx 5 – 6 minutes on a dual core processor with an average HD file of 43 mins and size of just over a gig. This is compared to hours with some popular conversion programs for the same video file. The main time saving aspect; the video doesn’t have to be converted, only the audio.

All of the programs listed and used in this post are freeware, and do not contain viruses or spyware, and have been tested for both.

Required Downloads for Windows:

1. MeGUI: http://sourceforge.net/projects/megui/

2. Nero AAC Codec: http://www.nero.com/eng/downloads-nerodigital-nero-aac-codec.php (MeGui has had problems updating this codec, please download manually)

3. Mkvtoolnix: http://www.bunkus.org/videotools/mkvtoolnix/downloads.html (download the Windows installer, located at bottom of page)

4. Mkvextract GUI: http://sourceforge.net/projects/mkvextractgui-2/

Windows Installation Instructions:

1. Create a folder and name it MeGUI.

2. Extract the MeGui zip file to the newly created MeGUI folder.

3. After extracting the files to the MeGUI folder, click on the MeGUI application

4. Run through the updates, but don’t download the nero codec when prompted. We will install it manually.

5. After MeGui updates, it will ask to restart the application. Click on yes.

6. Once MeGui restarts when prompted to update again Click “no”. You will then be hit with another prompt telling you that components are missing, and would you like to search for these components, click on “no” again. It’s looking for the nero codec we are about to install. Close down the MeGui application.

7. In the MeGUI folder you created in step 1, you’ll now see a tools folder.

Click to enlarge

8. Open the tools folder. In the tools folder, create a new folder and call it Nero.

Click to enlarge

9. Extract the Nero AAC codec into the Nero folder you just created. The Nero folder should look like this after you extract:

Click to enlarge

10. Go back to the MeGUI folder right click on the MeGui application (or shift + right click in Windows XP) and select Send To>Desktop (Create Shortcut)

Click to enlarge

11. Run the Megui application again, and repeat step 6

12. Click on options, than settings

Click to enlarge

13. Click on the “External Program Settings” tab , and click on the “…” browse button.

Click to enlarge

14. Browse to your MeGUI>Tools>Nero>Win32 folder and open the neroAacEnc file

Click to enlarge

15. Click on Save as the below image illustrates:

Click to enlarge

16. Close down MeGui, and install the downloaded Mkvtoolnix installer (program 3 in the required downloads listed above).  Follow the instructions from the install wizard.

17. Extract the MKVExtractGUI zip file (program 4 in the required downloads listed above) to the Mkvtoolnix install directory C:Program FilesMKVToolNix You should now see the MKVExtractGUI2 application in the MKVToolnix folder:

Click to enlarge

18. Right click on the MKVExtractGUI2 application (or shift + right click in Windows XP) and select Send To>Desktop (create shortcut)

Click to enlarge

19. Installation now complete. Now it’s time to configure the Nero AAC codec. Go to Part 2

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