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Future Tech Friday: Interactive Wrist Bands for Concerts

One thing I love is looking at concept video’s and trying to pick out what will eventually become reality.  Every Friday, I will dedicate my posts towards concept idea’s in tech, and give it a thumbs up or thumbs down on whether or not we will see this in the marketplace.  Pay close attention to this 3M concept around flexible displays, especially the wrist band:



Flexible displays like this were present at the 2011 CES, most notable by Samsung. When I first saw the Samsung and 3M videos last year, I remember making a remark to a friend that we would most likely start to see some of this technology appear in music concerts pretty fast.  Well turns out I was right.  Check out this video from a Coldplay concert in December last year.  Not exactly a 3M concept yet, but I think we’re headed in that direction (wrist bands were switched on starting at time index 1:06 in the below video):



This is definitely a step towards a flexible wrist band, that I believe will be able to allow concert goers eventually the ability to take pictures/video and upload in real time to social media. Also wrist bands could be used for marketing products (another revenue stream for artists), instant feedback and polling of the crowd for requests and song sets. The list goes on. My thumbs are up on this one. I think we’ll start to see more interactive wrist bands closer to the 3M concept in the near future in concerts for sure. Hopefully by then, my aging ears will be able to handle loud music.  This is something I would love to experience when it hits.

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