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Wireless Network Set Up with Distributel DSL and VOIP Package

One of my clients had some issues with the initial set up of his Distributel DSL home network when he also subscribed to their VOIP or Home Phone package.  Distributel has an excessively long cue (approx 3 hours) to get to technical support, and virtually no self help on home network set up on their site.  I thought I would do up a post on how to configure your home network with Distributel.  The instructions below are for setting up a network with your own wireless router.  This requires an intermediate understanding of networking, and some basic network customization skills.  If you have not set up a router before or do not know how to manually forward ports on your router, you may have trouble following this post.

Once you have completed the instructions Distributel provided with setting up their hardware (without your wireless router installed), test to ensure you have a connection to the internet.  If a connection is not present, clear off the red tape on the reset button of the DSL modem. With a pen or pin push and hold the reset button for 10 seconds.  This should fix the problem.  Once you do have an internet connection, follow the instructions below.

1)    Hook up your wireless router by plugging in the network cable that runs from Distributel’s equipment to your computer to the WAN port of your wireless router.

2)    Hook up your LAN port on your wireless router to the computer (you can unhook later after set up)

3)    Log into your router

4)    Distributel’s VOIP equipment is a hard wired router as well.  It resolves to IP: which is also standard for many routers.  If your wireless router has an IP address of you will need to change this to avoid conflict with Distributel’s equipment. You need to change the second last number of your wireless router in order to avoid conflicts.  For example you can change your routers IP to

5)    Make sure that you set your connection type in your wireless router to “DHCP”. Click on the status of your wireless router, and look at the assigned WAN IP address Distributel’s VOIP router has given it.  Write it down, should be or

6)    Once you’ve changed your wireless router’s IP address and connection type settings, you need to log on to again. This time you will get Distributel’s VOIP router log in.  If you can not resolve to this address you may need to plug the VOIP router directly to the computer.

7)    Login = user  Password = admin

8)    You need to navigate through to the “DMZ” settings, and set your wireless router’s WAN IP address to DMZ mode in Distributel’s VOIP router settings. Once this has been done, if you’ve connected the VOIP router directly to your computer on Step 6, reconnect the VOIP router to your wireless router.

You should now be able to now surf the net with your wireless router installed.  If you are still having problems, comment below.

*Corrected April 29th 2012 with additional information and correct username and password for Distributel’s VOIP router.

  1. Catherine Légaré
    November 3, 2014 at 10:48 PM

    Thank you! Your article saved my evening. Waited for 45 minutes to talk to a Distributel tech who couldn’t help me. Just read your article, and a few minutes later I had wifi Internet.

  2. January 31, 2018 at 4:01 PM

    Hi Guys,

    – For setup … reset your ATA as described.
    – user : admin / pass: admin
    – Wait until reboot

    And configuration is automatically set.
    Admin password is no more available.


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