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Proper PS3 Network Configuration

To get the maximum out of your gaming experience with your PS3, you need to make sure that your network is set up properly.  You can do this either through hardwire (meaning network cable from your router is directly plugged into your PS3) or wireless.  Hardwired connections to your PS3 is preferable but not necessary especially with new wireless routers.

You will need to know how to forward off ports on your router in order to complete the network set up.  In most cases, routers can have problems with putting anything on DMZ.  It’s better to manually configure your router.  Current market band name routers that I have found had major issues with setting DMZ or even manually forwarding ports are SMC (one of the worst brand name routers you can get.  Never works properly), and some Cisco routers in my experience anyway.  My recommendation is the D-Link brand for consumer use.  D-Link usually provides solid wireless and hardwired connections, and works well with manual configuration and port forwarding if set up properly.

I’ve personally never had any problems with D-Link routers, but in 100% of cases I’ve seen with SMC routers, they don’t work at all with manual configuration even with a firmware update.  Currently Rogers Communications in Canada supplies SMC routers to its customer base. So get a D-link if you can, and if you have an SMC router with Rogers, return it, and buy a D-link.

The first thing you want to do is set your PS3 up manually on the network.  Below is an excellent video on how to set that up on the PS3:



Most router IP addresses are, so you want to use this IP address for default router and primary DNS, if this address is what you use to login to your router.  If your router IP address is set to than your PS3 IP address should be configured to for example to The last number in the IP subnet can go up to 255.

Once you’ve manually configured your PS3 on your network.  It’s time to forward off some ports.  The list of ports I have below are directly from PSN support.  You need to forward all these ports to your PS3 IP address through your router:

Port: 80 TCP
Port: 443 TCP
Port: 3658 UDP
Port: 5223 Both TCP and UDP
Port: 3478 UDP
Port: 3479 UDP

I will be working on PC, XBOX and Wii network set ups in future posts.  Happy gaming ;)

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